Stainless steel 316L VS 2205 duplex in biomedicine fields

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry has relatively high requirements about the steel materials used in processing vessel and pipeline system, that must have excellent corrosion resistance and cleanness to ensure the purity and quality of the drug product, they must also be able to tolerate the production environment and disinfection and cleaning processes of temperature, pressure […]

Back Shielding Welding of Stainless Steel

The rapid development of the petrochemical industry has a higher requirement for welding of stainless steel pipes and plate, the early stainless steel welding backing to be being washed out gradually and now more using argon arc welding backing welding, with more cleanliness and higher efficient. At the same time there are also appeared some problems, namely, the welding […]

Can I weld ASTM A387 Gr22 and 304 steel plate together?

The welding of dissimilar steel has a wide application in the field such as aerospace, petrochemical industry, machinery industry. The dissimilar steel is really different in chemical composition, metallurgical compatibility and physical properties and etc., which will appear of alloy element migration, uneven chemical composition and metallographic organizations in the welding process, also can produce thermal stress and welding deformation or cracks, this […]