Stainless Steel Sintered Flux Powder 601

At Weldermetals, we supply and distribute not only the stainless steel welding wires and electrodes but also the flux powder. Sintered flux 601 is a spherical alkaline sintered flux powder used in stainless steel and heat resistant steel welding with an alkalinity value of 1.8 and a particle size of 10-60 mesh.
The welding wire is connected to the positive pole during DC power welding, with features of the stable arc is, beautiful welding joint, hardly recarburization and the chromium burning loss, it is suitable for the welding of low carbon and ultra-low carbon stainless steel. It can be used with ER308, ER308L, ER316L welding corresponding stainless steel and high alloy heat resistant steel, etc., or with 309L for dissimilar welding.

601 Stainless steel flux chemical composition

SiO₂+TiO₂ CaO+MgO AL₂O₃+MnO CaF₂ S P
5-10 6-10 30-40 40-50 ≤0.06 ≤0.08

Deposited metal mechanical property

Wires Tensile strength Rm, Mpa Elongation A,% Charpy-V impact test(J)
AWS -40℃ -196℃
308L ≥510 ≥30 ≥70 ≥40
309L ≥510 ≥25 ≥70 ≥40
316L ≥510 ≥25 ≥70 ≥40

601 Stainless steel flux powder specifications

Standards AWS A5.9 ER308, ER309, ER316

GB/T 17854 F308-H0CR21Ni10, F316-H0Cr19Ni12M2, F309-H1Cr24Ni13

Alloy transfer Cr alloying
Power supply DC(DCEP)
Basicity 1.8BIIW
Grain size 10-60 mesh
Base material High alloy steel, stainless steel, low-carbon stainless steel
Package Damp-proof packing 25kg/bag