Welcome To WELDERMETALS. Welder metals are the leading international supplier of high-quality steel wires, rods, electrode and associated for sub-arc welding(SAW) , gas metal arc welding(GMAW), metal active gas welding(MIG), and other processes. We offer fast and reliable services of welding material in different sizes and grades, these products are mainly made by Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless steel and other alloys. We are competing with certified companies with several years’ production of welding materials according to standards such as AWS, ISO, BS, GB and ISO-9001:2008 quality system.



    We consider quality assurance as the first priority. We always deliver the highest value and services to our customers and contribute to their business success.


    Our team is headed by professionals with more than 15 years in the metallurgy industry. Our experienced staff offers complete specialized technical advice for the customers.


    We supply numerous industrial manufacturers around the globe. Our welding wires are produced in various sizes and grades or in the form of rod, spools, coil, or cut to lengths as per our customer’s needs. We also customize the lengths and packaging by special request.

We replenish your welding material supply on-time according to your specifications

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