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Here at Weldermetals, we supply full range welding wires made of Titanium, Nickel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, mild & low alloy steel welding wires

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Leading Distributor of Multiple Brands and Reliable Welding Wire, Rods, Electrodes and Stick

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MIG Welding Wires

MIG welding wires are mainly used for welding Stainless steel, Aluminium alloy, or Nickel alloy. An appropriate amount of O₂ or CO₂ gas is added to Ar gas, which is MAG welding.

Flux Cored Electrode

We mainly provide stainless steel flux-cored wire with diameters of 0.8, 1.2, 1.6mm, etc. The protective gas CO₂ or Ar+ (20%~50%) CO₂ mixed gas are available.

TIG Welding Wires

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), includes DC TIG welding and AC TIG welding. The TIG welding wire with the same or similar chemistry as the base metal can be used.


It is mainly used as solid wire and filler metal for MIG welding, TIG welding, plasma arc welding and laser welding of titanium and titanium alloy.


It’s used as filling material for argon arc welding of aluminum alloy and oxyacetylene gas welding. We suggested to select aluminum alloy welding wire according to the type of base material, crack resistance, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the joint.

Nickel Alloy

TIG and MIG fused metal for nickel and nickel alloy. The nickel and nickel alloy wire is mainly used for the welding of high nickel alloy, Ni-Cu alloy, Ni-Cu-Al alloy, Ni-Cr-Mo alloy, Ni-Cr-Fe alloy and heterogeneous metals. Protective gases are argon, helium, or a mixture of both.

Stainless Steel

We mainly supply stainless steel solid welding wire, stick and stainless steel flux cored electrodes. The former can be used for TIG, MIG and submerged arc welding, while the latter is mainly used for MAG welding.

Some of our products also have additional service or be made to order to meet customers’ specific requirements.

About Us?

WELDMETALS is one of the leading suppliers of metal welding rods, wires and electrodes. We provide not only high-quality products, but also offer extensive material and processing expertise. We will even customize the lengths, packing and packaging based on your individual needs. If you need a special size or material for your welding needs, contact our sales for more details!

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