Low Alloy Steel Welding Rods/Wires

Carbon steel low alloy solid wire is generally suitable for welding most mild steel and the C-Mn steel with a tensile strength range from 450Mpa to 550Mpa. It’s designed for arc metal inert welding (GWAW/MIG), submerged arc welding (SAW), tungsten inert gas arc welding (GTAW/TIG), plasma arc welding (PAW) and another welding process. The sold wires provide wide applicability, it is used in single-run or multi-pass welding, joint or angle welding in ships, pipelines, engineering machinery, containers, boilers and pressure vessels, bridges, transportation equipment, power plants, buildings and other fields.

Weldermetals is a leading platform of welding wires, rods and welding flux for steel MIG, TIG(GTAW) welding. Our wires strictly conform to the standards and manufactured as per the specifications of the AWS, ISO, BS, EN and GB. We mainly manufactured non-copper coated grades solid wires and rods in grades ER70S-6 and others. You can contact our sales representative or the contact form for more information.

Copper-free Carbon TIG/MIG Wires Specifications

Grades ER70S-6
Specifications: AWS A5.18
Size Spools(Wire reel): 0.8mm(15kg), 1.0mm(20kg), 1.2mm(20kg)
Surface treatment: Bright finish
Packaging Barrel or customized packaging as per requirements.

The advantages of copper-free wires

The traditional solid welding wire is generally coated with copper based on the semi-finished steel wire, thus can enhance the electrical conductivity and anti-corrosion ability of the welding joint, and reduce the friction between the wire feed hose or the welding nozzle.

The special surface treatment of copper-free welding wire making it more popular nowadays due to its incomparable advantages: environmentally friendly by less spatter and smoke, smooth wire feeding, stable arc, high deposition efficiency, easier operation of all-position welding, good forming and corrosion resistance, is a new application and development direction of solid welding wires.