AWS A5.16 ERTi-23 Welding Wire/Rods

Weldermetals is one of the leading suppliers, exporter, stockiest of MIG/TIG welding wires, rods and electrodes for Titanium materials. Ti 6AL4V ELI(Grade 23) is a modified version of Ti6 Al4 V with extra low interstitials (ELI), by reducing the number of interstitial elements (O, N, C) and improved stress corrosion cracking, grade 23 can be regarded as a higher purity version of grade 5. The AWS A5.16 ERTi23 welding wires or rods material can be used for welding grade23  titanium pipe, tube, plate and sheets with the applications where great strength-to-weight ratio and outstanding corrosion properties are required such as biomedical implants and surgical procedures.

Ti Grade23 Weld Wire Equivalent

R56408 ERTi-23 STi6408 W. NR. 3.7165

W. NR. 3.7164


ERTi-23 Titanium Wire Chemistry

Ti C O N H Fe Al V Mn
Bal 0.03 0.03-0.11 0.012 0.008 0.12 / / /

ERTi-23 Wires Specification 

Coil wires: 1.0、1.2、1.6mm(Wire reel)
Rolled wires: 1.2、1.6、2.0、2.4、3.0、4.0、5.0mm
Straight wires: 1.2、1.6、2.0、2.4、3.0、4.0、5.0、6.0mm
Surface treatment: Bright finish

Welder metals provide not only high-quality Titanium products but also have access to a vast stock of aluminum, stainless steel, nickel and other alloys to American, European and Chinese specifications. Our titanium welding wires have wide applications because of their high quality and stability. As a Titanium ERTI-23 supplier according to AWS A5.16, we are here and our experienced technical team are waiting to help you with your inquiry, contact us now!

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