How to avoid the porosity of self-shielded flux-cored welding wires

In the last article we introduced what is copper-free welding wire and its advantages. As we know, there are mainly two kinds of welding wire according to its protection: One is the welding wire that relying on flux or gas protection, the welding wire plays as filling metal and conducting electricity, such as submerged arc […]

A TIG+MAG welding design of 304 Stainless steel pipe

Compared with all argon welding and argon-electric welding, the production efficiency and welding quality of stainless steel pipe TIG+MAG welding are greatly improved, and it has been widely used in power plant pipeline welding. The horizontal fixed all-position joint of 304 stainless steel large-diameter pipe is mainly used in power plant lubricating oil pipeline. It is […]