AWS A5.18 ER70S-2 Welding Wire

ER70S-2 is a commonly used triple deoxidized, copper-coated carbon-manganese steel argon arc solid TIG/MIG welding wire or rod, specified in AWS A5.18. TIG wire It has excellent resistance to base metal oxide scale and oil pollution, small porosity sensitivity, also offer good plasticity, toughness and crack resistance, especially low-temperature impact toughness. It’s suitable for manual tungsten argon arc welding and repairing C-Mn steel pipe and plate materials like ASTM A36, A106, Gr.B/C, A285-C, A516 GR55, GR70 etc. in construction machinery, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, petrochemical and other industries.

Welder metals is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, stockiest of steel  MIG/TIG welding consumables such as wires, rods and electrodes. The C-Mn steel rods ER70S-2 wire or rod supplied by us are in strict accordance with AWS A5.18 and other equivalent standards. We provide not only high-quality copper-coated ER70S-2 welding rods products as per the specifications of American, European and Chinese specifications.

ER70S-2 Specifications

Weld Process: MIG, TIG(GTAW)
Specifications ANSI/AWS A5.18 ER70S-2 ; ASME SFA-5.18 ER70S-2

GB ER50S-2

Available size 0.8mm-1.6mm
Available shape Coil spools, straight rods

Wire Chemical Composition

C Mn Si S P Ni Cr Mo Al
0.08- 0.12 1.20- 1.50  0.60 -0.85 0.030 0.030  0.15 0.15 0.15  0.20-0.40

Reference Current

Specification(mm)  Reference current(DC+) CO2 Gas flow(L/min)
0.8 50~100 15
1.0 50~220 15~20
1.2 80-350 15~25
1.6 170-550 20~25

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